Islam and Slavery: India

Great historical account, thanks for sharing and researching!

The Muslim Issue

Islam’s Indian slave trade (Part i) in Islam’s genocidal slavery: part I.

Indian Kingdoms ca 6th Century AD (Modern names added as a reference)

India has a deep, long cultural history.  Hinduism began there around 1,500 BC and Buddhism around the 6th century BC.   This culture had evolved impressive intellectual, religious and artistic pursuits. Pre and post the early days of Islam, Indian scholars took their works in science, maths (zero, algebra, geometry, the decimal system, so-called ‘Arabic’ numbers are actually Hindu ones!), medicine, philosophy etc to the courts of others (including Muslims eg Baghdad).

Others came to study in India’s established universities.  Indian children (boys and girls) were educated in the relatively widespread education system in a wide variety of subjects eg science, medicine and philosophy.  India’s  art and architecture was magnificent.  They were a prosperous people.  Then came Islam – slaughter, slavery, rape, violence, pillage; destruction of religious…

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